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Kerry and Mike wedding story book 

Seven Months..

Hempel Family Portraits

Little Dix Destination Weddings

 Cox Family, Summer 2011,Tortola

Trash that dress..

Peter Island Destination Weddings

O'Connell Family Portrait

Family Portrait Virgin Gorda

Kristin and Scott Wedding Story Book

Luke Baptism


Laura and Ted's New Family

Charlotte and Brooks Sample of their wedding images

Marta and Rory's Family in Tortola




Marta Macdonald  commented on  January 12th, 2012

Dear Amanda, Marta here! Happy New Year! Cant remember when we spoke last about the prints. The book you have published in the blog is absolutely beautiful. I would like to get one but would include perhaps 4 more photographs. How can we organise this? Best, Marta

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